Deploy a truck

with cleaner emissions

Many heavy-duty trucks on our roads are obsolete and out of compliance—restricting job opportunities for drivers. However, buying a newer truck can be expensive and can cause undue financial hardship on truck drivers, especially owner-operators or small fleet owners.

Green Truck finances the deployment of class-8 trucks that are 2008 or newer (California ARB emissions compliant) in order to open up more business opportunities for truck drivers.

If you live in or work out of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, we can help you deploy an environmentally-friendly truck affordably.

Our goal is to create jobs for truckers throughout the Pacific Northwest, reduce emissions, and positively impact the economy locally and nationally.

Drivers participating in our program will also benefit from other program features such as extended warranties, credit life, GAP coverage, and fleet tracking designed to improve fuel efficiency and safety. Green Truck can also help find the right truck for you through our network of dealers.

To learn more about our program and/or determine your eligibility please contact us at our Green Truck Deployment Center (360-201-3933).

Drivers apply to Green Truck to finance the purchase of a 2008 or newer truck
Green Truck performs a credit check and approves loan
Once successful, we will have you on the road as soon as possible!
Reduced Emissions
An estimate of the emissions reduced by the deployment of Green Trucks to date
CO2 NOx CO PM10 PM2.5
Grams 402,874,026 82,578,556 14,520,032 1,935,208 1,851,493
Pounds 888,176.08 182,052.68 32,010.86 4,266.36 4,081.80
Tons 444.09 91.03 16.01 2.13 2.04
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