Green Truck In America

A Bright, Clean Future

Trucks are critical to economic growth and the flow of goods throughout the United States. The high volume of trucks together with poor emissions standards of past years has necessitated more stringent regulations from federal agencies such as the EPA and local programs such as the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Right now, many trucks on our roads are obsolete—polluting our air and running inefficiently. At the same time, upgrading long-haul trucks is expensive and can cause undue financial hardship on independent truckers.

Green Truck enables owner-operators to deploy efficient, environmentally friendly, and California standards-compliant trucks, getting them back to work and creating more jobs by moving our economy.

We work with drivers and dealers based in our four-state operating region — Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana — matching low-emissions trucks with eligible truckers and providing competitive financing.

Drivers participating in our program not only have the opportunity to deploy a Green Truck at competitive terms, they are eligible for other benefits including credit life insurance, GAP coverage, extended truck warranties, and real-time driving statistics designed to improve fuel efficiency and safety.

To learn more about our program and/or determine your eligibility please visit our Contact page or call Alfred Portillo at our Green Truck Deployment Center (360-201-3933).

Drivers contact Green Truck in order to finance the purchase of a low-emissions, CARB compliant truck
Green Truck will assess the driver's eligibility, perform a credit check, and return with a financing plan
Once successful, we will have you on the road as soon as possible!