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At Green Truck Financial, we realize that everyone's needs are different. That's why we put together customized financing packages for you and your truck—on your terms and perfect for your individual needs.

Give us a call to see how we work to get our drivers on the road to success and working in a new truck in no time with competitive financing and low monthly payments.

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We speak your language. Literally and figuratively.

Getting drivers on the road is our number one goal. But we also care about the environment.

Not to mention we speak Russian, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish and Chinese!

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We are a local company. Improving the Pacific Northwest.

Getting drivers working is our goal. But besides stimulating the economy of the Pacific Northwest region, we are also working to improve the environment.

That's why we encourage drivers to upgrade to a newer, cleaner truck with reduced emissions, to make the world a cleaner, greener place, while putting the savings back in your pocket.

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Reduced Emissions
An estimate of the emissions reduced by the deployment of Green Trucks to date
CO2 NOx CO PM10 PM2.5
Grams 1,994,314,540 408,781,913 71,877,334 9,579,707 9,165,293
Pounds 4,396,665.84 901,200.61 158,460.77 21,119.42 20,205.81
Tons 2,198.36 450.60 79.23 10.56 10.10
Our Mission
We strive to make the Pacific Northwest economically stronger and ecologically greener by delivering competitive, affordable loans for newer, cleaner trucks and deploying drivers throughout the region.

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