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Green heavy-duty truck

Green Truck helps eligible truckers in WA, OR, ID and MT fund and deploy trucks that are compliant with California emissions standards.

Emissions standards on heavy-duty trucks are becoming increasingly strict. The California's Air Resources Board (ARB) has implemented harsh emissions regulations, effectively requiring trucks operating in the state to be model-year 2008 or newer. And this is only the beginning—cities and ports across the country are now following suit.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, have marginal credit, or are a new driver, Green Truck hopes to open up business opportunities for truckers by providing affordable loans for emissions-compliant trucks.

The Green Truck Team

Our friendly, experienced, and multi-lingual team is at the ready to get you into a new truck.

K. David Andersson


Roger Korthuis


Charles Baker

Underwriter, Team Leader

Manpreet Khera


Angela Gudakov


Michael Carnahan

Customer Service

Dallan Bunce

HR Director & General Counsel

Josh Bates

Regional Sales Manager

Douglas Murray

General Manager: Truck Operations

Alex Tikhonov


Alfred Portillo

Marketing Director

Avi Buri

Administrative Assistant

Andrew Neuman

Mechanical & Technical Advisor

Stephen Shen

Marketing Director

Don Zhu

Investor Consultant

Barbara Stilwell

Investor Relations Coordinator

Dorothy Chau

Investor Relations Administrative Assistant & Mandarin Translator

Diane Korthuis

Accounting Manager

JoEll Kuoppala

Accounting & Admin Assistant

Erika Andersson

Administrative Assistant

The Region

The four-state region we serve — Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana — is a major part of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region, which promotes economic growth and regional collaboration in the Pacific Northwest.

While truckload demand in the Pacific Northwest is increasing, there is a lack of compliant trucks. Only 36% of trucks in the Pacific Northwest are model years 2007 or newer. This means 64% are non-compliant with many current and future emissions standards and must be replaced.1.

1Vehicles in Operation: Idaho, Montana, Oregon & Washington, R. L. Polk & Co. 2012

Pie graph of compliant heavy-duty trucks in PNW